ship operation

Cruise ships are exciting vacation islands on the oceans for their guests, but complex technical systems to be managed for the operators. Attractive ship itineraries and port calls of beautiful destinations need long term planning and detailed definition of port operation requirements before they can be published. Repair and maintenance need to be planned and executed in a way that the passengers are not affected in their vacation experience. Types and quantities of food and beverages onboard follow a precise logistic plan in order to end up as high quality products in the restaurants and bars of the ships making passengers happy as part of their overall onboard cruise experience. To lead and manage a team of cruise ship operators is probably one of the most exciting but in the same way most challenging management tasks in the maritime industry. Being commanding officer and Master of a crew onboard cruise ships until today provides the same work experience as being the Fleet Operations Director and DPA for a dedicated shore management team, dealing with all marine operation challenges of a  growing cruise ship fleet. This work experience includes the management of various crisis situations like onboard emergencies, large scale breakdown of flight logistics for passenger turnarounds in Europe due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010 or the management of cruise vessels during the prevalent worldwide COVID-19 crisis in 2020. Knowledge and experience from these crisis situations is presently shared in the podcast "Krisenmanagement-Herausforderung und Chance!"


The following Consultancy Services  are available:

  • Designated Person Ashore, Safety Management according to requirements of the ISM code 
  • Marine Operation / Port Management
  • Quality Assurance and Environmental Compliance
  • Emergency Response
  • Lay up options for cruise vessels