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35 Years experience in the maritime industry, working at sea and ashore. 21 Years operating experience in the cruise industry.

7 years specialized work in the field of maritime simulator based training, navigation / nautical proficiency assessments and risk studies. All this expertise focuses on one goal: Safe sailing at all times!  more >


  • Review and analysis of safety management systems
  • Navigation procedure review and development
  • Navigation Assessments
  • Design and implementation of sustainable safety management processes
  • Leadership training
  • Communication training
  • Crisis Management   

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Maritime Simulation

  • Simulator based training course development
  • Simulator training course delivery for standard operating procedures (SOP) and emergency operating procedures (EOP)
  • Simulator based assessment of nautical proficiency
  • Preparation and conduct of Port Risk Studies

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Cruise Ship Operation

  • Marine Operation
  • Safety Management according to the ISM code, including responsibility as Designated Person Ashore
  • Port Management
  • Quality Assurance and Environmental Compliance
  • Emergency Response

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Captain Burkhard Mueller

"You must make the choice, to take the chance, to make a change in your life!" Unknown

- Maritime Professional dedicated to serve and support maritime professionals.

- Constantly strive to enhancce safety of ships at sea.

- Passioned to work with people and to help others to find the right balance between

   leadership and teamwork.

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