turning expertise into sustainable success!


Turning expertise into sustainable success! 

Having worked at sea on various ships of different types and dimensions in all ranks of a nautical officer and having worked shoreside in different companies  in various management positions provided the opportunity of permanent learning and gathering experience how to manage ships and processes at all times safely.  

 This expertise is available for you to be turned into sustainable success.



Independent and well connected to high caliber experts in the maritime industry we provide consultancy for all questions of safe navigation, bridge procedure design, technology development for ship management processes and proficiency assessment for maritime professionals.

maritime simulation

Special knowledge about the design and delivery of top quality simulator training in full mission and on part task simulators can be provided. Own instructor and assessor experience in the use of maritime simulation technology is available to be used to develop and to deliver simulator based training, assessments and risk studies.

cruise ship operation

Operating cruise ships is a task of high complexity, requiring proper planning, well organized interdepartmental cooperation and close process monitoring and management. More than 20 years experience in the cruise industry are a solid basement to provide support for operators or managers of cruise ships. Particularly start up enterprises in the business can benefit from available management services.